Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I Haven't Told You Yet

I know - the frequency of my posting is abysmal. I'd like to think I have a good reason but really, I should be able to get to the computer once in a while for reasons other than watching all of Heroes or Game of Thrones while I feed Luca at night.

Anyhoo - I thought I'd let you guys know about some stuff going on at my house (yes, gasp, my house and not my child!).

1. We have very very bad luck (as does my neighbour). 

When Luca was about 3 weeks old, and he had just entered the screaming phase, we heard a knock on our door. J answered as I had a friend over, and when he came back into the family room, I could tell by the look on his face that something was not right. He looked something like this:

Not good. When I asked him what happened, he told me that the knock on our door was from our neighbour. Our very sheepish neighbour, telling J to check our basement because his washer broke and he had water in his basement.

Yes, this is the same neighbour whose hot water tank burst and flooded our basement causing us to have to rip up our brand new carpet, take apart our Ikea couch and basically re-finish our basement. At least this time he came right over so that we could deal with it quickly.

I will tell you - last thing we wanted with a new baby was to deal with this again. There wasn't as much water, but we still had to take apart the couch, move it out of the way, pull up the edge of the carpet and dry everything out. It wasn't as  intense as the first flood, but it still required a lot of work and inconvenience for us (especially J who had to drive up to his parents' house to borrow their industrial fan. Again.).

So yeah - we had a second water incident in our new basement thanks to our neighbours. Upside is that these are the neighbours that we really like and they did feel really badly about it.

2. We Are Getting a New Roof

Yep - I'm not kidding. We are getting a new roof.

Remember how we renovated and put in a brand new bathroom? And shortly after we finished said renovation, we noticed some water damage in the brand new bathroom ceiling?

Well it got worse.

Last week's big storm caused this:


Yup - our bathroom ceiling developed a blister. Filled with water. It was gross and sad at the same time.  To be honest, we knew this was coming. We knew that there were areas of our roof that were near the end, and we were holding out until we really needed to do something. When I saw that blister, I realized that time had arrived. Drywall damage is one thing to fix, but if that water went further and hit the chandelier electrical box, I can only imagine how bad it get.

So J called around and we got a few quotes and in about 2 weeks, we will be getting a brand new roof. Strangely enough, I'm quite excited about it! Sure, it isn't a sexy renovation, but it will be nice not stressing every time it rains and crossing my fingers as I climb the stairs after a storm, hoping that the bathroom will be intact.

Once the new roof is up I will give you more info about who we hired and what shingles we chose etc.

So that is that - even though it seems like all we are dealing with is a super cute and often fussy/sleepless infant, we have some other fun house stuff going on!! YAY.

Just to end this on a happy note, I will say that Luca gave me a big gummy smile yesterday!! I will try to catch it and take a pic, but it was pretty sweet :-)

See ya!




Sara @ Russetstreetreno said...

Yikes, I can't imagine being so impacted by neighbors, but then again, we share a driveway so there are similar issues there.  Our neighbor has a knack for choosing to wash his car right when we need to leave our garage.  Ugh!   A new roof IS exciting, it changes the whole look of the house.  I'm sympathetic to the fussy baby, right there with you... 

Rachel said...

Good luck with the roof renovations. It's great that  you have such a positive outlook on the situation -- I was not so pleasant about our roof gut job last year. You're right though, it's lovely to have the peace of mind knowing that your house is structurally sound!

Luca is too cute for words!

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

So sorry to hear about the water in the basement - it really sucks that you just went through it! You have a great attitude about it though and MAN is Luca cute!!

how2home said...

Oh man, that sucks! Did you neighbor offer to pay for the damages in your basement (i.e new carpets etc) New roof sounds exciting! What color and type of roof will it be? Luca is getting so big and still super adorable :) 

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

It really sucks to have your basement flooded twice. This might be a stupid thought, but is there some water-proof barrier you could frame around your neighbour side of the house in the basement?

Susanne from Oakville said...

I hear you, first thing I thought was, boy how life is often the same for many of us, stress and issues come when we least have the strength for it, and then we look at that crisis/situation and say, yes we survived and we are all healthy and life moves on. Although I might want to think what are those folks doing in their basement? maybe a real plumber might be in order?LOL. the baby is sweet, makes it hard to beleive a little soul can cause such angst, my youngest had cholic, you don't forget, if you need an experienced sitter, let us know, Keep strong! you are a wonderful mom! sorry for the long post

Shadi said...

I hear you. We had water problem last week where we had a huge water and water problem 3 years ago and fixed it fundamentally (waterproofed from outside) but this time it turned out to be an old pipe at the very same spot! :( my books and DVDs were flooded) gotta start over again. BTW, love the Bush picture! I laughed out load seeing it and reading about J's face!

Terence Watthens said...

The ceiling looks pretty
bad. It would be best to have that fixed right away, especially since it can
start a fire if the water hit any kind of wiring, whether it’s the chandelier
electrical box or something else. Has the roof gotten fixed? What was the
problem with it? I think your roof needs a good flashing so that water would
not be able to penetrate it.