Thursday, July 12, 2012

So...Did You Watch?

I swear - waiting for our episode on Sarah 101 to air was almost as hard as waiting for Luca's arrival! Originally, the season was going to air earlier in the spring which would have been amazing because it would have aired prior to my due date. Unfortunately, for some tv reasons, it was moved and I found out that our air date was going to be after our due date. 

Which for a blogger who loves showing pics of her house was TOUGH.

All of our waiting paid off and last night was THE NIGHT. Our episode ended up being the season finale of season 2 of Sarah 101 (seriously - it couldn't have been any later! haha) and can I say...I LOVED IT!!

So I am happy to answer most questions if you have any about being on the show and what we think of the nursery! I'll start with a few of the questions I've received already:

1. How did we get on the show?

Click here for details on how we applied and were chosen!! Funny enough, for some reason I thought that we were one of only a few applications but it sounds like other people were up for grabs too and we were lucky enough to get chosen!! Check out this blog for more details!!

2. Did we contribute to the budget?

Yes. Part of the application was a question about what our budget was for the makeover. We just put in what we would have spent on the nursery if we did it ourselves and hoped for the best. To be honest, I had no idea how it worked so I didn't know if what we put down would help us get chosen or what. In the end, the show puts in 10K (which seems INSANE for a small nursery) but that includes all of the labour and materials. With the exception of the obvious DIY projects (art, mobile), all of the work was done by professionals so I imagine that gets pricey. They did say that the 10K they contribute is the first money they use - i.e. if they only used 10, we'd get our contribution back. That didn't happen, which wasn't a surprise :-)

3. How much input did we have?

Not much. The application asked us some basic questions about our style and what we were hoping for and what we would hate. I think the only things I said were out of the question were a) removing the hardwood/putting broadloom on top of it, b) the colours yellow and/or hunter green. Other than that we were pretty open because since it was a nursery, I thought it could be a bit wilder (which it was, literally).

The only thing we were asked during the reno was whether or not I would be okay with kelly green. To be honest, I got kind of nervous when I received that email. I did a quick google search and first found this:

and I got nervous. Then I saw this:

and felt better. I wrote back and said that as long as it was an accent colour (and not all the walls) I was cool with it. 

One other thing - you guys all know about how I wanted a Jenny Lind crib for the nursery before we were ever going to be on Sarah 101. Well, they saw that on my blog (OMG they read my blog!) and tried to get it (as you saw on the show). Once the filming of the show was complete, they did offer to swap out the crib for the Jenny Lind if we wanted. Which I thought was pretty nice. I decided against it mostly because I didn't hate the crib they chose and I didn't think it would make a big difference design-wise.

Other than that, we had pretty much no input.

4. Why did the format seem different for our episode?

i.e. the show didn't have us reacting to the different fabrics/wallpapers, etc like they usually do in the other episodes. We were actually filmed reacting to the fabrics and wallpaper but I think that it was cut because a) we pretty much loved everything they showed us (so not a 'fun' for tv reaction) or b) the timeline was so tight that there was no room for changes. We could have hated that wallpaper and it still would have gone up. It had been ordered and there was no going back :-)

5. How long did the process take?

I can't remember exactly, but it took about 2 weeks. Seriously. That's it. Week one didn't have any action at our house as I gather that is when the planning and sourcing happened. Week two had tv crews, painters, carpenters and the design team in and out of our place during the day. It was so fun how every day there would be something new in our house - either something in the nursery (imagine how fun it was when we came home and the wallpaper was up!) or bags and bags of accessories that filled our family room. Baby toys, clothes, baskets, bowls, books. Not everything that made it into our place made it into the nursery. It was cool to see what the team brought in and didn't make the cut.

Seriously - two weeks to put together a nursery AND film everything? Insane. Explains why the Jenny Lind crib didn't make it in time :-)

6. Did we meet Sarah?

I did. Only by chance, actually. All of the filming was done during the day while we were at work (we were actually asked not to be home during that time) and on the day the finale was filmed, I came home and Sarah and Tommy were just finishing up so they were still here. The meeting was brief but Sarah was very nice. She wanted to see my reaction to the room but I was a good wife and said I had to wait for J to get home. I wish that I'd gotten a photo of me with Sarah and Tommy but the opportunity never really arose. 

7. Favourite things about/in the nursery?

Where to start. I'll start with the overall theme/feeling of the nursery. I love it. I love that it is themed without being kitchy. There are no cartoon-type giraffes and rhinos anywhere. Many of the accessories would be appropriate in a different room in our house. But most of all, the nursery is cozy. It is probably the warmest feeling room in our house. When you walk in, you definitely feel a sense of calm and coziness. I'm not sure what creates that feeling. The lighting? The area rug? I'm not sure, but it is there. 

As far as the smaller items go, I LOVE the green crib. I think having a painted crib is so fun and I definitely love that green colour. I think the change table is gorgeous. Sarah was right - it is a piece of furniture I would happily use elsewhere in our home once it isn't needed in the nursery. The shape and the detail on it are gorgeous. And the mirror. Love the mirror. Luca is starting to like it too!

I also am a big fan of the fully stocked closet :-) The clothes, the bath gear, the itty bitty shoes - ADORABLE.  And the fact the wall is green? So fun! It was a nice way of using the accent colour in a bit of an unexpected/hidden way.

I also love love love the wallpapers. Who would have thought that I would love zebra print wallpaper?! I think that if it had been black and white it would have been too much but because the print is in neutral colours, I just love it! And combined with the grass cloth? Amazing.

8. Anything I didn't love?

Being brutally honest, the only thing I didn't *LOVE* in the room was (sorry Sarah and Tommy!) the rocking chair. Yes, I know I said I loved it on the show, but I knew that Sarah loved the rocker and that it was a big deal on the episode and I wanted to be nice and complimentary. I think the fabric is a little rough and itchy (although the colours are good for disguising any spills etc that may occur) and the rocking mechanism that was added to it is a little quick for my liking. Do you know what I mean? It is a quick rock back and forth and I don't find it super comfy (i.e. I will never fall asleep in it). However, it does the job. I'm not going to lie though - I was really hoping for a Sarah Richardson Designs glider :-)

8.5 Did I know the chair was a curb-find?

No. I knew it was an older chair that Sarah had remade, but no, I didn't know it was found on the side of the road. Am I happy about that? Meh. I don't really care. I like a deal as much as the next girl, so I can appreciate the 'find' so long as it was clean (plus the chair was basically ripped apart and rebuilt). It probably cost a fortune to rebuild and recover it, so even though it was 'free' I don't think it was cheap. 

9. Did we change anything?

Nope. Not a thing. We have added more stuff to it (mostly in the closet) and we took the duvet out of the crib :-) A few things that made it into the final reveal were taken away when they left (a few items of clothing, the green blanket hanging over the end of the crib and the basket to the left of the change table). 

10. What did we think of the actual show?

I really, really loved it. I thought it was by far the funniest episode of the season (and they've had a few super funny moments in other episodes!) and found myself laughing out loud multiple times. I was worried about how J and I would come across on tv but I think it ended up being fine. I think I was a little awkward/stiff but all in all I think it was okay. We didn't get made fun of and I don't think the show was edited in a way that made us look different than we really were. As I mentioned above, the only "lie" was mine about the chair. Oops.

So there you have it - I hope that gives a little more insight into what it was like to be part of the show. If you have any further questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Here are a few more pics :-)

Luca in one of his Sarah 101 outfits in his crib!

And J playing with Luca's toys!


I'm going to take some more pics of Luca in the nursery in the coming days, but this will have to do for now! It is amazing how hard it is to get anything done with a newborn in the house. Jeesh! Doesn't he know I have a blog to keep up?!

Now tell me - what did you think? Do you think the wallpaper was too much? Would you be okay with a curb-side Sarah Richardson original? Let me know!


Samantha said...

I watched! I thought it was a good, funny episode. I liked the wallpaper and especially how they added the trim to the room. The chair thing skeeved me out until I saw that they basically rebuilt it. It may have made for good tv but I would think they could have purchased something more practical. The only thing I didn't like was the mobile. Doesn't really seem visually interesting for a baby to me.

Britt said...

I honestly love everything about this nursery! The Safari Baby theme was well done without being overkill. And I am not sure how you didn't tackle Sarah & Tommy for a photo when you saw them!

I'm keeping this in my "To Do... Someday Day" file for my new house... ;)

Abby said...

Finally! Those of us south of the border, who don't get Sarah 101, were dying to see the finished room! It looks great, like a calm, peaceful place.

lealou (Steph Fazio) said...

I thought it was cute! To be honest I didn't love the chair fabric, but I love that they found a chair and fixed it up. I get things out of the garbage all the time ;) haha. I was sad that Sarah didn't see your fabulous new staircase!!!!

StorefrontLife said...

To be honest, when Tommy started out with the jungle theme, I was a little scared. I had visions of it looking like Peg Bundy's house, but as the episode progressed, and once the wallpaper was introduced, I was in love! I think it turned out great! And OMG was it a funny episode!

Heather G. said...

I was not able to watch the episode and have been dying to see the photos of the room!  It looks so great!  The green accents are great and I am in LOVE with your green crib!  

LipstikEvents said...

I thought it was a fabulous episode and I absolutely love the nursery. Hopefully I'll have a tribal baby one day lol  :)

Leigh said...

I think the nursery turned out so well! It's not what I had pictured in my head as I read the post (I was good and didn't scroll down for pictures!), but it still looks amazing. Plus, how many of us can actually say one of their rooms is designed by Sarah Richardson!?

Sara @ Russetstreetreno said...

It's wonderful!  I especially love the neutral wall treatments and the green - wow!  Although, wouldn't a hanging bar be more practical for the closet?  It's hard to tell, but it looks like there are just hooks or something in there?

Katie Meredith said...

i really like the green accent color!  it's a great room, and has such an exciting story to go with it.

Meg said...

I love, love, love Luca's nursery!  I record the show so I haven't watched yet but I can't wait! 

Andrea P said...

I sneeked a peek at the finished product on the HGTV website before the show - LOVE IT! Especially the zebra print in neutal colour and the green accent. I never would have thought to use that green and it looks amazing!

a Girl Called Kim said...

I haven't watched it yet, but just from these pics, I love it! I do like the pops of green and since all the other colours are so neutral, I like that there's a little visual stimulation with the wallpaper.

Kathleen_IntheLifeofKandB said...

It looked really great!! I really loved how the 2 wallpapers were divided by the white trim. I also really liked Tommy and Sarah's art project with the leaves. Beautiful accent color against the neutral wall.
Definitely a nice place to spend time in with a baby.

drussellart said...

Since I'm a USA reader, I've been patiently waiting and not sneaking a peak on the website. I think my favorite part of this room is how well it will translate to a "big Boy" room in a few years. All you have to change is the bed/bedding and it's done! Love, love , love the wall paper. 

Janesnextdoor said...

I just watched! It looks amazing! Congrats to you guys!

how2home said...

Thank you so much for answering all of our questions. You and J are super lucky to have Sarah/Tommy to design the nursery. That is something i'd definitely let everyone know! Congrats again :) Luca looks super adorable in that picture.

Keira @ The Bennett House said...

Great post! I love the green crib. It must have been so weird to watch yourself on TV. I haven't seen the episode, but think the room turned out great.

Lacey Rae Trebaol said...

It's gorgeous! I love all of the textures and layers and the green - really. It's awesome. Congrats on your little one AND his new fancy room! (Seriously - I'm 30 and my room isn't that awesome. I think I need to do some work on that!)

Nette @ This Dusty House said...

I love the kelly green! And the animal print wall paper is perfect. I think I'd prefer the upper wall paper to just be smooth wall, but it looks gorgeous the way it is too. 

I would absolutely have been ok with the curb-side nature of the chair. The scratchy upholstery though? If it's not as comfortable as expected and wanted, I would seriously be considering switching it out. I mean... I looks great in the space, but it's purpose requires comfort first and foremost, I would think. That said, I've heard mixed reviews about how often people use their rockers in their nurseries... how often do you sit here with Luca? If you generally sit with him on the couch in the living room, etc., it's not a big deal.

I can't wait to watch the episode! I haven't had a chance to yet, but it's high on my list of weekend priorities. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Kerry @ First Time Fancy said...

I LOVE everything about the room! The wallpaper was fantastic, because it was patterned and textured but still nice and neutral. I bet Luca could even grow into the room with only a few small changes (which obviously was Sarah's point).

I SERIOUSLY love the way they used the green as accents it looks so great! :) I can see your issue with the chair though (based on what you wrote anyway). I never had a rocket or glider and I never felt that I needed one when Halle was a baby. I think next time around, I'd prefer to have a bed or something in the room since it was nicer to lay down next to her sometimes when we were nursing, or even on those nights now when I just lay on the floor when she's fussing.

So I have to ask then... did they actually give you guys a bunch of clothes and stuff too??? 

Melissa @ Living Beautifully said...

Loved it- amazing nursery :) You guys are so blessed, beautiful baby, beautiful nursery, just perfect! Very happy for you :)

Heather @ InteriorGroupie said...

I looooooove the room. I really think it was a great departure from a typical Sarah Richardson nursery, but I LOVE IT! So happy they did it in neutrals with one accent colour, it totally fits with other parts of your house you have shown. So happy that you guys love it!

Lisa Dymond said...

Great post - these were all the questions I would have had! I always think Sarah's 'cheap' finds are hilarious, as by the time she's done with them I think they end up being pricey :)

Tim@DesignMaze said...

Love the behind the scene juicy details Janice!! I love the two wallpapers effect on the wall and I love your dresser and the mirror!! I do like Kelly Green ... in fact that's the color I'm using at my balcony this summer.  The good thing about the way how they use Kelly Green in the space is that they are either items that won't stay in the room forever or something that can easily be changed if you do not love kelly green in the future.

One thing I do want to ask though: is the foot stool a little too high to go with the rocker? oh now another one: the books they put in the bookcase, are they your books or now you can start reading what they bought for you?


gemma@thesweetestdigs said...

Loved it!!! It was so much fun to see you on TV and the room turned out beautifully. That pop of green is gorgeous and it seems like such a cozy space.

Luca looks so sweet. Is "safari baby" catching on? Ha ha :) 

Luisamarquesfnc said...

First congratulations for the baby,  he is beautifull and i think he looks alot like you.
I love the nursery ,i love Sarah Richardson design and work.
All the best for you and your family.

Melinda KE said...

Wow, it turned out really, really amazing!  I'm not into wallpaper, but I love the zebra wallpaper and I think it would still look nice if it wasn't for a nursery. Kelly green was a big surprise, but it works really well in the room as an accent color. I can't wait to see your episode, but I'm in the states so it will probably be a while before it airs

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks! Ya I think season 2 is usually about 6 months later for you guys in the US. It was a great season so definitely watch!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks Lulu - everyone says he looks like me but I have a hard time seeing it. He is adorable though (but I'm obviously biased!)

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

I am a huge fan of the green - and it is funny because I've seen it around more frequently now! Who knows if safari baby will catch on - I think it is nice that it isn't a super literal theme. Maybe that will catch on at least!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Yes - I think the stool is too high. I mean - I use it every night but it is slightly uncomfortable. I think because of the timeline some of the items in the room may have been a bit rushed and I think the stool was one of those items!

The books were all courtesy of Sarah 101. They are a mix of books for different ages so it is a great start to Luca's library!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Yeah the chair is a good example of that! The art and mobile were actually cheap but anything that they refinish I think gets a little expensive!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks Heather!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks Meslissa - we feel very lucky!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

I actually use the chair every day. All of the night time feeds are in that chair, plus Luca requires some rocking etc before he goes to bed. I think adding a comfy blanket might work. Good idea!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Thanks! It is WAY nicer than our room, that is for sure!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Yep it was SUPER weird. Glad we didn't get too much air time!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Yep we are the luckiest!! 

shruti @rowhouse ruminari said...

The nursery looks amazing! This season has  has been hit and miss for me so I am glad that one of my favourites is your nursery! I love the wallpaper, the hidden surprise of green in the closet and the mirror. You also looked great on camera - very natural and very pretty! congrats again on your baby boy!

Shadi said...

I watched your episode online and got nervous about the end result when they chose the safari theme but I have to say the end result is great and it is not the usual safari nursery at all. I love the green crib (green is my favourite color). I hope you and Luca enjoy it for a long time. 

Mary said...

The nursery looks GREAT! It's nothing I would have ever dreamed up, but it really comes together in such a unique way.  Perfect for a boy.  

I was so excited to watch this episode, and I even made my husband sit and watch it with me.  It really was a funny episode - I actually laughed out loud a few times.   We had fun watching it, even if it *wasn't* our house!  haha! 

I'm so glad you're happy with the outcome.  I know I would be!  And congrats on your baby boy, he looks so sweet!  

KJ and Co. said...

I am so behind on my blog reading! (And DVR too).

The nursery looks fantastic, congratulations again.

MelissaMacGregor said...

It's fabulous!!!  I absolutely love everything.  I didn't see the show but I can't wait for it to air in the US!!  Congrats!

Lettie said...

LOVE the nursery!  So classy, yet perfect for a baby.  

ashley delapp said...

i'm a HUGE sarah and tommy fan and have every episode of sarah's house and sarah 101 on my DVR! your episode just aired in the states last week, and i was so happy to find your blog post yesterday. i'm the designer of the nursery with the green jenny lind cribs in your post. so glad seeing them made you feel better about kelly green. i think your room looks awesome!

Life Begins at Thirty, Right? said...

Oh my goodness! No way! That room is so adorable - it is what made me want a Jenny Lind crib to begin with! Thanks for the comment :-)